June 29th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

Like seat belts, vehicle airbags were introduced to help save lives. We answer popular questions about this important safety feature.

June 22nd 2015 by Benjamin Yong

No matter where you plan on driving to this season, heed these five easy driving tips to slash your gas bill.

June 19th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

Help us celebrate with BMW, as the 3 Series enters year 40 of production, by looking back at how the car has changed through the decades.

June 18th 2015 by Andrew Ling
Photo courtesy of Mazda Canada

Summer can be tough on cars. Just as high levels of ultraviolet rays can weather human skin, they can also weather a car’s paint and interior. Preparation through summer car care is key to handling the harsh summer heat.

June 17th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

We educate you on the basic history and inner workings of the all-important summer creature comfort: air conditioning.