July 30th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

We discuss three devices that allow you to access core smartphone functions without taking your eyes too far off the road.

July 28th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

Front-facing, rear-facing, booster. Have you heard these terms before? We tell it like it is in this week's child car seat FAQ.

July 26th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

From the Fraser Valley to Vancouver Island to eastern B.C., these are three of our favourite driving routes in the province.

July 17th 2015 by Andrew Ling


1. Wash and Wax your car

It’s nice to have a shiny car in the summer when you can appreciate your vehicle’s gleaming paint job. But before setting out on your next road trip, here’s why you should wash and wax your car for other benefits aside from aesthetics.

With the summer weather come the bugs and bug splatter. Bug guts are not only unsightly but also acidic.

July 16th 2015 by Tanis Sullivan

You had me at wine tastings… Cruising the Circle Farm Tour with MINI Langley. And you can too. We’ll even loan you a MINI convertible!