March 2nd 2015 by Benjamin Yong

Now that winter is almost over, it's time to give your car a spring tune-up: follow our checklist to get your ride in tip-top shape.

February 28th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

There are a lot of important markings on the side of a tire that tell you everything from size to tread life. This is how to decipher them.

February 25th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

We "brake" down the differences between two modern vehicle stopping systems: the disc brake and the drum brake.

February 22nd 2015 by Benjamin Yong

Some automotive manufacturers, like Porsche and BMW, are now offering stick shifts with automatic rev-matching technology. This is what it does.

February 18th 2015 by Benjamin Yong

Ever wonder how the remote fob in your pocket allows you to start your vehicle without turning a key? We explain that and more in this blog post.