May 28th 2014 by Benjamin Yong

May 23rd 2014 by Benjamin Yong
AJAC Eco-Run chairman speaks at the launch of this year's event in Vancouver. Photos by Benjamin Yong.

May 20th 2014 by Andrew Ling

Only 2 decades ago, if you wanted to play your favourite tunes on the road, you were likely faced with hours of careful mixing and recording on cassette tapes. The end result would be hours of painstaking dubbing that could easily be ruined by a dirty audio head or a magnet.

May 15th 2014 by Alexander De Clerck

There once was a time when BMW openly stated that they manufactured "The Ultimate Driving Machine," and they weren't afraid to let the world know. From merely stating the facts to poking fun at the competition, the genius of its creativity was as undeniable as the effectiveness of its humour. Let's take a look at some of their greatest hits in print and viral marketing.