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I dealt with Molly at the Service Desk and I wanted to let you know that she was friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and effective. Five stars!
I have been a customer of yours for over 15 years and I must say that I’ve always been very pleased with your organization from Sales to Service. I have used your valet service for most of this time and would be very disappointed if it was no longer available. On one occasion, I had to stop at the entrance to the 17 HWY when one of your valet drivers pulled over to ask if I needed assistance. All was in order as I had pulled over to give assistance to my son on his motorcycle. I have had several dealings with David Helferty over the last year and have found him to be very professional and courteous to me and others around him every single time. In addition, he has gone the extra mile on several occasions to personally pick up my LX570 for service on his way to work and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you. David, you’re a real asset to the OpenRoad team and I really appreciate all of your great work!
The purpose of this message is to thank you for your always exceptional service. You have a terrific personality and I just want you to know how much I appreciate all the ways you provide me with superb service. You are a terrific reflection on Anke who we both know sets the standard for truly exceptional service. Thank you!
I just wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to visit David when I come in for servicing. Often he remembers my name, where I have been traveling to, and other personal bits of information before I even sit down. David’s professional yet relaxed personality makes me look for him each time I am in your dealership. This week when I was in for a simple maintenance, David asked me how I was enjoying my car. I responded that all was well but that I would be looking for a smaller vehicle for my next purchase. As I walked to my car, David took the time to show me the CT and contrast it with my car. He pointed out a few facts and figures (just enough for me to keep it in mind down the road). As David saw that I had two bags in my hands, he deftly opened the back door so that my arms could be free (such unobtrusive manners). I work in the financial service area and when I see young, aspiring, helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable employee like David, I just want to scoop him up. I hope you have big plans for David as he has the right skill set to hone in sales and service. He’s a perfect 10 out of 10!
We just wanted to thank you for the most delightful evening that we spent with you. Dealing with the OpenRoad Auto Group has always been a good experience for us. We have purchased a total of three cars from your Auto Group (all of which have either been a Hyundai or a Toyota). We have always been more than happy with the help and service that we received. The social evening was just so pleasant in terms of the fine food and music that my BMW friends are green with envy! Thanks again!
Just got my brand new beautiful green (spruce mica, actually!) matrix. I was lucky enough to have Ahmed Abou-Shaaban as my sales rep, he was/is awesome! He found me the last model in the country that had all my requirements (which by the way, was the cheapest possible model, so it wasn't about how much I was spending). He even picked me up at my house to bring me to my new car! You should also know that I hate shopping, can't stand salesman generally, and am leery of everything to do with car sales! Well I never felt pressured, ripped off or talked into anything I didn't want. I would highly recommend this dealer and salesperson!
I am writing to share with you my delightful experience at OpenRoad Lexus Richmond. A few weeks ago, I purchased a pre-owned vehicle from one of your Product Specialists, Mr. Ollie Rocha, who has been very helpful and knowledgeable. He delivered exceptional service and support - making the entire purchase process an efficient and pleasant experience for me. Although a minor adjustment was required few days after delivery, Ollie has been very attentive and got my car fixed in no time. I am pleased to have Ollie as my Sales Advisor and would have no hesitation recommending him to any of my friends who are interested in buying cars. Ollie no doubt is a valuable asset to the OpenRoad Lexus Richmond.
I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail in customer service. I asked you to make it right and you exceeded my expectations in every way. For a dealership to go above and beyond in honoring a pre owned car warranty on a vehicle that wasn’t even a Lexus model is very gratifying in this day and age. I am extremely pleased with your service and the outcome. My father has had several LS 400s in the past and had always raved about the Lexus reputation and the service. Having that said, you have definitely proven him right. In the future, when we are in the market for a luxury car, I will be only going to one dealership, yours. I can’t thank you enough!
I would like to thank the entire team for making the purchase of the Veracruz and trade-in of my old vehicle happen. You guys were excellent to work with and thank you for being so patient. Also, your two ladies who worked out the financing and paper work were very good to work with as was the car insurance fellow. One significant thing stood out in my mind that I want to make you aware of. The young fellow that you have replacing licence plates etc. came in to see which licence plates from my old cars were to go on to the new vehicle.  He took the old licence plates out to the new vehicle and I saw him stop and look at the licence plates that he was to put onto the new Veracruz.  He did not put the plates on right away and went some place for a while…. As far as I can figure out he went and polished those dirty old plates.  They look as new as the vehicle. Getting that type of independent engagement takes great patience and leadership.  Congratulations to the entire team.  Nice to see such great work and customer service! Thank you!
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for making our experience at Toyota a pleasurable one. Getting our very first brand new car was very exciting and overwhelming at the same time but you guided us and made the process that much easier. We've only have the RAV4 for 24 hours and both just love it and are arguing over who gets to go pick up our daughter and get groceries in it. Thanks again!