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I was very happy with everything and couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!! Phil was awesome!!!
Initially, I only came in to look but thanks to Pablo, I came out with the most delightful car I have ever owned. Pablo helped me choose the right car and the best deal for my budget. Many thanks to MINI Langley!
I had the best experience dealing with you at the MINI Langley dealership. It was unbelievable how much knowledge you had about MINIs! You were also very professional, polite, and patient. It was your smile and your professionalism that made me purchase this car. I wasn’t looking for that type of car, but it was a great choice and I’m very happy! Thanks again Theresa!
The Lexus factory-level quality PLUS your personal dealer-level attention to detail and service follow-through is why I will be buying my 4th Lexus (in 11 years) from Open Road Lexus! Thanks again!
Amy, you’re very professional and you demonstrated a personalized approach to selling cars. Having that said, we chose to buy from OpenRoad Lexus as a result of our experience with you. The whole process was very enjoyable because of your personal touch. We will be sure to recommend you and your dealership to friends, colleagues, and family!
I wanted to thank you once again for arranging to have the wheel rash removed on my recent purchase of the 2009 - 335 Cabriolet. The car is great and especially looks sharp after the 1 and only wheel with road rash was fixed. Making arrangements on your day off to exchange vehicles goes to show how BMW Langley and its staff are willing to go the extra mile for the customer. Not only to complete a sale but in after sales service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the dealership to anyone in the market. This also goes for the MINI side of the house as I know this is where Philip is currently more situated. Thanks again for everything!
On behalf of my sons (Cooper and Jackson) and I, I'd like to extend a big thanks to you and your staff.  Not only have you provided inspiration for Cooper to continue with his automotive journalism but you treated both boys with respect - a commodity often omitted by adults when it comes to kids. Cooper is already a BMW and MINI fan but Jackson is more into photography than cars but even he was extremely impressed with your new dealerships. The staff was friendly and the layout is simply amazing; Clean, cool and professional. I'm sure OpenRoad has gone through many trials and tribulations in getting these beautiful outlets to completion.
You’re an excellent sales representative! You answered all of my questions and provided with clarification on anything that wasn’t completely clear to me. In addition, great follow up skills! Overall, an extremely satisfying experience!
I wanted to recognize you for your excellent service. OpenRoad Toyota is very fortunate to have such an outstanding employee. You provided kindly service and attention to detail which reassured that I brought my vehicle to the right place. I appreciate your customer focus and attentiveness. Thanks again!
I just wanted to say that I was extremely happy with the customer service you provided me. You were very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. You’ve given me every reason to stay a “loyal
Langley” customer! Lastly, thanks for the very cool BMW water bottle…you clearly recognize that it is the small touches that leave a lasting positive impression.