2009 INFINITI G37 Sedan
Back in 2003, Infiniti brand does not fall into the luxury nor the high performance category. However, after the introduction of the first generation Infiniti G35 sedan, and also the coupe, it solidified Infiniti as one of the heavy weight member in...
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2010 Hyundai Accent
fuel efficient good for parking easy to move anytime :)
2012 Toyota Sequoia
Great ride & Power. Very comfortable & Great looking Interior & Exterior.
Only flaw, side mirrors are to high & they give me blind spots when turning.
Could be thinner & lower on door.
2010 Lexus RX 350
Excellent worry free vehicle, great for family and very practical design !
2012 Lexus RX 350
As a first time Lexus owner, the slightly higher price for a Lexus is well worth the fantastic quality and the outstanding service from OpenRoad Lexus. You have earned my repeat business.
2012 BMW M5
This car is wonderful ! 560 rear wheel horsepower, seats 4, is available with all of bells and whistles and has lots of room for stuff ! The V8 exhaust note sounds like a muscle car, the twin turbos make it feel like a big block but the brakes and...
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I recently tested the CX-5 and it seemed like car enough for me, until I climbed into the roomy interior of the CX-9. It seems like a Harry Potter type of magic, as it looked like a regular sized vehicle on the outside, but the distance from door to door seems incongruous. It just doesn't seem to make sense. I didn't feel crowded, or have to fight for elbow space with the front passenger. There is a large console in between the front seats that opens up to a pretty large storage space. It reminded me of the old days, sitting in the backseat of my parents' car next to a sibling with a cooler be...
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2009 Toyota RAV4
Love my peppy SUV, have no problems going uphill. We went on long journeys and camping as it is big enough for the family and our belongings. I wouldn't trade it for anything else and still enjoying it since 2006. My only reservation is the g...
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2014 Lexus 0
I love Lexus always have. I turned a friend onto Lexus years ago and he has been more then happy. Why settle for something less? Lexus makes the best cars and has the best reputation. Makes sense to me.
2014 Lexus 0
As a first buyer, Exceeds my expectations, luxury comfort, smooth, quality wise. I totally recommend Lexus brand.