2009 Lexus IS 250
This is my second Lexus. My first was an RX330 and I loved that as well. This time round we were looking for small and sporty but still affordable. The IS250 fit the bill. We bought it with all of the features which we are still trying to figure ou...
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2012 Hyundai Accent
purchased a Hyundai Accent last Oct. and I am more than happy with my purchase. I thought the car was just a cheap new car that was good on gas, I was wrong the car is well built rides very nice and moves with the flow of traffic well, even in the m...
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2009 INFINITI G37 Sedan
I purchased my G37 new in late 2007 - it is a 2008 model year and is the best car I have owned. A true pleasure to drive - so much so that it makes it hard to move on to the next vehicle purchase. I would highly recommend Infiniti to anyone looking...
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2013 BMW M5
Takes a lil getting used too not having a park button. But this is a fun machine to drive!
2013 Toyota RAV4
Nice car. I like it because it is convenient for my family. My 4 years son is happy too. Choosing this type of car I was thinking about the safety of my family. Very comfortable and reliable car. Good model and good features. I like camera and Bluet...
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2009 Toyota Prius
I have been totally satisfied with my well running, red Prius Hybrid. it is economical on gas averaging 5.6 and climbs mountains with ease.
2009 Lexus IS 350
For those considering pre-owned or the dependability of Lexus models, I'm happy to say I am still thrilled with my 2006 IS350. I purchased this car from a co-worker in 2011 who, himself, purchased the car from Lexus' Certified Pre-owned Pro...
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2010 Toyota Corolla
excellent service we are very happy with the customer service and information about the car and future services required
2012 BMW X1
When I entered my BMW dealership, it was more out of curiosity than seriously looking to purchase a BMW. I have known people with this brand of vehicle and I have driven them before, so I had a what I thought was a pretty good understanding of the p...
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2013 Lexus RX 350
I have recently driven on 3 trips some 6000 km since purchasing the Lexus RX350. It has been a pleasure to drive. One trip, I drove for 13 hrs., with just a lunch break, and arrived at home feeling rested. Just amazing comfort, in my opinion.