2013 INFINITI G37 Sedan
I recently had my FX35 in for servicing at the new Open Road Infiniti and the courtesy car was the 2013 G37 Sedan. My SUV is silver but I've always preferred the grey paint option so I was happy to see the courtesy car I received was just that -...
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2009 MINI Cooper Convertible
MINI downsizing.. the Audi Q5 had been a wonderful experience with family building..2009-present Then a relocation to Vancouver from E.Canada changed our dynamics. Vancouver's quieter tree-lined streets..curvy coastal roads..the islands & In...
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2013 Audi Q7
Solid vehicle - fun to drive!
2010 Audi Q5
We have been driving our 2010 Q5 3.2 for about a year now. No complaints so far as the ride comfort is excellent. The car's features are top rate and easy to use. We had a BMW X5 prior to this and the difference is heaven and earth.
2010 Lexus RX 450h
2009 Lexus RX 400h
I've had my vehicle for 6 years now and apart from having to change the tires a bit prematurely in my view, I think it is a great ride and wonderful on gas consumption. When I first bought it, the automatic trunk was such a great feature but n...
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2011 Lexus ES 350
no complain
2009 Audi A4
I have B7 Avant A4 3.2L s-line,love the fact that its manual transmission and good on gas than most 4.2 V8's and 2.0T's....easy to work on,good reliability....ok for Insurence and overall amazing car....will never sell it.
When looking at the crossover segment of the market, I could understand why someone might feel a little overwhelmed by all the choices. The Mazda CX-5 has the versatility, styling and handling that compares with a lot of the competition, but in terms of handling, and definitely in terms of fuel economy, it stands out in the crowd. The CX-5 is the first to put all of Mazda's fuel-efficient Skyactiv pieces together in one vehicle, or at least all that are currently available in Canada. What's Skyactiv? Instead of making a hybrid, Mazda improved on conventional technologies that are less expen...
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2014 Audi A4
It is always a pleasure to drive this car and specially when the weather conditions are bad.