Although in its final year before a complete makeover, Honda's fourth-generation Odyssey minivan is as competitive as any other brand's offering. It looks good, drives well, is nicely finished and comes well equipped in base guise or filled to the gills as with my tester's Touring trim. No wonder this popular choice is considered the BMW of minivans. No doubt Honda would have rather I called it the Acura of minivans, but they shouldn't smart at any comparison to the famed Teutonic brand either. After all, it was Honda that chose to benchmark the previous generation Odyssey against the much-...
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Performance. Comfort. Technology. Style. If you put aside the workaday need for practicality, these are the attributes that make a great car - a "halo" car. But while most automakers are content to have a single halo car in their lineup, BMW seems to like hedging its bets, offering several models that could legitimately claim the honour. The company's M division is perhaps the most obvious source of performance-oriented halo cars thanks to the legendary M3, the big M5 sedan and the coveted M6 models. But there's also the company's comfort-oriented 7 Series luxury flagship to consider, the t...
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On July 28th, OpenRoad Lexus Richmond held a 2014 Lexus IS performance event in Richmond, BC. Always looking for a fresh and fun way to showcase the latest from Lexus, OpenRoad teamed up with 4 performance driving instructors to put the 2014 IS250 and IS350 through their paces. And the performance was amazing!

OpenRoad Auto Group climbed 18 spots in the Top 100 ranking of BC’s Biggest Companies by Revenue 2013. It is the second-highest ranking increase on the chart this year.

We love this mantra. We love this video from Audi. Nice work Audi for telling a good story of the guy behing Audi.