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2007 Hyundai Tucson
I was actually a bit reluctant to go and look at the Tuscon when I was looking for an SUV but I am so glad I did. I absolutely love my little truck. It is small on the outside but big on the inside. It drives extremely well and we have not had a pr...
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2007 Toyota Tundra
I bought this truck used with 13000 miles on the odometer. Other than the gas pedal recall have had excellent service from the vehicle. I initially wanted the 5.7 but opted for the 4.7 due to finances. I am glad that I did as it will do everything I ...
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2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
I purchased my FJ Cruiser from my son in April 2011. I loved this truck from the first time I saw it. I finally had an opportunity to buy one when my son bought a toyota tundra. YES, we are a toyota family as my wife owns a corolla and loves it to...
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2007 Toyota Corolla
This car is very comfortable, and i feel safe driving it. I had a crash up on the highway in this car and no one was hurt There was 2800.00 damage and it was fixed at a Toyota Dealership and it runs like it is brand new. Would definitely consider ...
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2007 Hyundai Elantra
I loved my Elantra. It suited me perfectly - good gas mileage, just the right size - adequite leg room. Unfortunately, it was totalled in an accident last year: not the car's fault. It did all that was required of it - deployed air bag, etc....
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2008 Mazda Mazda3
I really like my Mazda,however the only down fall is the interior. Firstly it;s all black so every spec of dust shows and this drives me crazy!I find the interior to be very cheaply made for the price of the car. I like the exterior though and the w...
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2010 Toyota Yaris
the 2010 Toyota Yaris is a peppy car it turns on a dime, and is great for in city driving. On the highway it's engines hesitates a bit when shifting gears, and I dont particularly like the placement of vents verses the cup holders. But, it'...
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2007 Honda Civic Sdn
We bought our first certified Honda in 2008 when we got married. We loved the civic for many reasons. The fuel efficiency, 4 doors that could provide easy access to future seat car usage, slick both interior and exterior design, safe and comfortable ...
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2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid
Yes,that's right.Best Car ever.This car is such a dream to drive compared to any car I have ever driven.It is extremely quiet,smooth,roomy and powerful.Also,this car gets better mileage than most all the small cars you see on the road.Of course ...
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2011 Honda CR-Z
the most unique and fun vehicle i have ever owned. i receive complements wherever i go.