Well balanced choice

2009 Audi A4
We have gone with Audi A4 for the 4th time and each time we did research by test driving anything from Lexus, to BMW and Mercedes. While Audi is not the best in all areas, it does provide the required overall quality, relatively good reliability and good value for money.

The workmanship is great, the car definitely carries the German touch and feel which is unmatched by Japanese makers (not American for sure).

Reliability could be improved. Over 5.5 years the car needed to be fixed about 5 times. 1 very major repair that had to do with the new higher pressure compression engine style and high oil consumption (engine was replaced), and about 4 minor repairs. None caused to car to stop or be unusable. Except the last minor repair, everything was covered under warranty with a very reasonable level of service including Audi courtesy cars.

The 3 previous Audis had a similar minor repair frequency, but none had anything major. Hopefully it was a one-off to do with the new technology.

Once we narrow down to German quality, the balance of price and features is the best with Audi, unless you feel the super high-performance features of BMW are necessary for your daily racing, or the ostentatious look and feel of the Mercedes (with the rather oldish style inside) makes you feel more important :). For the price, Audi will deliver more fun and practical benefits, and will still make you feel good and perform beautifully.