It just keeps on going

2010 Toyota Prius
I purchased my 2010 Prius in February of 2011 with just over 200 km on it. It was on the lot and happened to have all the features that we were looking for. With young children in the plans we opted to have leather seats (which has proven to be a good idea) and that meant heated leather seats. My wife loves them.

In addition we wanted the additional safety of the rear backup camera and convenience of GPS.

With all those elements already in the car on the lot it was a no brainer to keep a few dollars in our pocket and purchase the 2010.

So, three years later and 45,000 km under the hood what is there to say. Well, I have the car branded for our family business and it still gets looks everywhere we go. The fuel efficiency for city driving in unparalleled and means we spend money on the kids instead of at the gas station. With the split fold down rear seats, I’ve carried large loads for work and never think twice about strapping both kids into their car seats with the curtain air bags.

The Prius may look small to some but it carries a lot, sips gasoline and has all the high-tech features we need.