xB- All that and then some

2011 Scion xB
I purchased a Scion xB in March of this year. It already has almost 5000km on it and has been great! It is fun to drive and looks cool too. Many other drivers take a second look to see what it is. I have the 5 speed manual transmission and I am happy with my choice. The fuel economy that I get so far is way better than our other car, I drive about 40 km each day on the highway and my xB has no problem keeping up or putting out a bit more if needed. It handles great, it is very comfortable to drive in and it doesn't feel like a small car. The car feels like it is higher up so the visibility is very good and the interior is so roomy. My kids like the fact that the back seat reclines so they can customize their own seat. It has enough room for groceries and then some all while feeling like there is room to move. I bought it mainly as a commuter car but I am using it for more and more since it does everything I need and then some.