X1 surpasses all expectations

2012 BMW X1
When I entered my BMW dealership, it was more out of curiosity than seriously looking to purchase a BMW. I have known people with this brand of vehicle and I have driven them before, so I had a what I thought was a pretty good understanding of the product BMW brought to market. Honestly, I was not impressed with the older models they had made and I thought I would see if they had done any improvements that may make me want to change my opinion, but I was very skeptical.
One look at their redesigned vehicles had my attitude changing and piqued my interest. What I found was a significantly improved product that had me considering moving away from the Japanese auto market, which was a big turn of events. I looked at the X3 and X5, beautiful vehicles but I did not want to invest that much into a vehicle. My Salesman suggested the X1 and after a 30 minute test ride, I was sold! This car brings the styling of the X3 but with a nicely reduced sticker price. The performance was exceptional, handling corners was a breeze and acceleration very impressive. I got a fully loaded version and have LOVED every option it offers and have used the vehicle to it's fullest! In fact, I had to go up a logging road to get to a film shoot and this little beast handled that sketchy road like it was no big deal. I surprised my colleague that was in his Toyota 4 wheel drive pick up, as I was right on his heels all the way up the road and he thought he would leave me a mile back with my "fancy BMW city car". The all wheel drive is fantastic and can't say enough good things about it. Trust me, I was not happy about taking this little beauty out on a very rough logging road but now I am extremely confident it can go many places other CUV vehicles cannot. Also, when I had to come back down the mountain in the middle of the night by myself (no other vehicle lights assisting in illuminating the roadway), the reactive headlamps kicked butt! I really benefited from it's ability to light up the entire road but also into the turn. This was massive help on a switch back logging road!
Another thing I have been impressed with is the fuel mileage. Given this little beast's 241hp Turbo engine, I expected it to be fairly thirsty but it has proven to be quite the opposite. I get approximately 550km from a tank of fuel and I am fairly heavy on the accelerator. Keeping in mind this is a turbo, I was thinking a more realistic number per tank would be about 450km.
The last point I want to make is the ZERO cost maintenance on BMW. I never have to pay during the period of the warranty for ANY warranty service or oil changes and I did not have to "negotiate" that into the purchase price like other auto manufacturers do.
I love the styling, comfort, performance and price of this vehicle. If BMW continues to produce this level of quality, I will never leave the brand and have recommended BMW to many people since I bought mine!