Odyssey rocks

2012 Honda Odyssey
I am very happy with my new 2012 Odyssey. This is our third Odyssey, and it looks the sleekest among the previous Odyssey and any other minivans on the road. The fuel consumption for the 2012 Oddy is slightly more efficient than previous model. However, the efficiency does not compromise its engine performance. The handling is always superior, what can you say, it is Honda. The fact that this new Oddy is lower to the ground, it adds more stability to the its handling and cornering. It also make loading and unloading stuff from the trunk easier. The backup camera is a really nice safety feature, especially when it has the guide and proximity lines. Interior is nicely finished, and it is noticably more spacious than previous generation, especially on the third row seat. Overall, good job Honda. Me and my family are happy Honda campers.