Sonata 2012 Limited

2012 Hyundai Sonata
I bought the 2012 Sonata Limited edition last week and so far love it. Looks like a high end car without the high end price. On Monday I got the rear windows tinted and now it looks like a sporty white car. I looked at the interior of BMWs, Lexus, Mercedes, Hondas and Camry, the interior doesn't look that great compare to the Sonata. I would have never consider the Hyundai until the hubby dragged me into the dealership for a look and test drive. Not until I saw it in person is when I changed my mind about this car. I always thought Hyundai is a low brand and because it looks so great, I end up purchasing one. When it's time to trade in, if the Hyundai's future model still look attractive as well as price, I'll definitely buy again.