My First Brand New Car

2012 Hyundai Veloster
So I decided to buy a brand new car, for a number of reason one my 92 jeep Cherokee was about done in the sense I didn't want to fill it up as much. The Engine is beautiful and should run for a long time go come. But that being said it was time.

I bought a Veloster after Hyundai and Open Road had a test drive event out in Coquitlam and loved it. The first thing I loved about the new car was that it had a cup holder! Amazing life without a cup holder was horrible but now amazing.

I had Ted of Fleet Sales take care of me and get all the paper work done so it was payment, put down a deposit for a Base Mode, but because the car was so new [and my colour choice wasn't the most popular made] I had to wait, then I saw the Upgraded Model avail in same Colour I did a 2nd Look at it, and decided why not, Sunroof, Sound System, Better Seats, Best upgrade ever, Love the Sunroof and Sound System.

There are so new car kinks to work out from Hyundai side but that comes with any brand new model introduction

Weston Nawrocki
2012 Hyundai Veloster, Tech Package, Triathlon Grey