2013 Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry 2002, 4 dr sedan, 2.4L 4 cylinders, manual transmission. The car handles unbelivably well. It is so responsive and fast, even though it is still being driven at low rpm, never above 4000 rpm. This family sedan's performance is better than many of the "sport cars". The suspension is so good, it handles potholes better than my other 4x4 Yukon (at least quieter). Compared to many cars I had, this is the best of the best.
As for reliability - this 10 year old (which looks like new) is maintained as per Toyota recommendation, by Toyota dealer, and only oils are changed so far (120,000 km). From parts: battery and one light bulb was replaced so far. Even the brake pads are still factory, with 60% life left (I am using engine breaking always). I am never going to sell this piece of art.