Unbeatable Quality!

2012 Toyota RAV4
I won't name drop but my first vehicle purchase was not a Toyota. It's an experience everyone waits for, and unfortunately for me it turned out to be not so great. I could not wait for my financing to expire before starting to look for my next car that would hopefully last me alot longer. My first stop was to Openroad Toyota Richmond Auto Mall. My sales rep was great (to this day I always make a point to see him to say hi when dropping my car off for servicing)! I walked away with a 2012 Rav4 and it's been the best decision (and vehicle) ever. There's no comparison to the first vehicle I owned...I feel much safer in my Toyota which is the most important. Taking the Rav4 for a test drive you could feel the difference in quality immediately. I would highly recommend a Toyota to family and friends and would have no hesitation in purchasing another Toyota in the future. When I see other Rav4's on the road I still think "what a nice looking car". And there's nothing like walking to your vehicle and still loving it two years later.