A7 S-Line One Exceptional Machine!

2013 Audi A7
I have had 3 Audi's in the past since 2007, those being a 2007 S4, 2010 S4 and now I currently own a 2013 A7 SLine with the V6 Supercharged engine.
The car looks rather large, however it feels completely in control at all times and drives extremely well in all conditions. The supercharged V6 has more power than anyone needs and on the highway with the 8 speed transmission it sips fuel and gets very good gas milage. I had the opportunity to take my A7 on a road trip from Vancouver to San Fransico and I made it there on two tanks of gas with plenty to spare when I arrived in San Fran. The A7 is a dream to drive, with a lot a power on tap when approaching and cimbing the moutain highways through Oregon and California. I really love this car and beng my 3rd Audi, I beleive I will drive nothing else other than an Audi and maybe in time will look at a S7 or RS7, however I am so satisfied with my A7 and may keep this one for many years to come! Thank ou Audi for making an exceptional automotive machine!