Southwest U.S. Roadtrip in our new BMW X5

2013 BMW X5
After we picked up our special order 2013 BMW X5 from Kristoffer Ong and the great team at BMW Langley, my wife and I started out on a 7000 km road trip through the U.S. Southwest. Heading east through Washington, Idaho and Montana, we turned south through Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico before heading west through Arizona, California, Oregon and back home to Vancouver Island.

As this was our first ever BMW we were not sure exactly how this would all come together but come together it did and what a vehicle. First off, we found the vehicle roomier than we had anticipated, we are not light travelers and with suitcases, bags, camera and computer equipment, folding chairs and a cooler , we were amazed to find out that we had room to spare.

The car handled superbly, lots of power, especially through the mountains and despite rain, cold, snow, a dust storm in California and heavy fog on the Oregon coast, we came through without incident. Especially pleasing was the drop in fuel consumption, we went from 12.6 L/100km down to 10.2 L/100km by the end of our journey.

Our itinerary resulted in several 12 hour days of non stop driving which was not at all strenuous or tiring given our special comfort seats and switching drivers every 2 hours.

The only things that went wrong were due to human error, we got our front bumper scraped by another car in a San Francisco parking lot and, I lost my
set of BMW keys in a taxi that same night. Thank you Kris for recommending that insurance policy!

Our next road trip will be this spring when we tour the national parks of Utah and we can't wait, BMW truly is the ultimate driving machine!