2013 Honda Fit Sport

2013 Honda Fit
When searching for a vehicle I could love as much as my Toyota Camry and FJ Cruiser, my brother-in-law suggested the Honda Fit. After reviewing its specs and that of competitors, I found that overall I liked the look and colour range and options of the Honda Fit Sport above others. Other vehicles seemed heavier with a much higher city fuel consumption than the Fit, with only the hybrids as the next lowest option for gas-savings. This car is nearly as much fun to drive as my FJ Cruiser, I loved the look for a decent small lightweight vehicle and having owned an FJ, I was impressed with its storage abilities and the feel of spaciousness. Having driven this peppy car in a lovely Orange Burst which shines more 'orange' in the sun as opposed to a 'terracotta' in cloudy days, the only thing I am disappointed with is the gas mileage. I've read around and haven't been able to find consensus on what people are getting to their 40L tank, but thanks to a previous review on this website, finally I see that others are getting what I'm getting. The specs online and by many auto 'reviewers' are significantly lower than actual day to day driving in the city which is much closer to 8.4L/100KM than anything printed. The only way I can manage to keep it lower, it by taking on the highway now and then to bring me back to a reasonable 7.9 or even 7.6L/100Km. And it's not friction, in nice warm weather, I have actually driven it at 5.9L/100KM, however I've found this is not the norm. I look forward to enjoying my Honda Fit Sport for many years to come. If Honda's reputation continues for producing well-made vehicles, the $20,000 (Plus tax) investment will far outweigh the initial cost. One other note, this car is equipped with reminders to change your oil (among other reminders)...I find this reminder comes up much sooner than other vehicles I've owned, meaning, much sooner than the Toyota's recommended oil change at 8000 km. Not sure if this is because of standard oil used at Honda, but scheduling an appointment at the Dealership is now a more often occurrence than I'm used to. All in all, it's a great little car with a big heart and sweet style.