Honda Fit - a good "fit"

2013 Honda Fit
I searched for an economical sub-compact vehicle that was primarily good on gas and more affordable than a hybrid of similar quality. After reviewing and test driving a number of foreign and domestic vehicles, I narrowed down my options to a Mazda 3 and a Honda Fit. Both are fine vehicles but I selected the fit because it was the best "fit'. I'm a sizeable guy at 215 lb. and I like to throw my bike in the back of my vehicle (my previous vehicle was a 4Runner) and carry lots of gear when needed and I found the room in this small vehicle almost equivalent to my old SUV. Also, the interior has a roomy feel like a much bigger vehicle. I don't like the feel of being in the cockpit of a jet fighter so the Fit suited me just fine. I love the large sweeping windshield as it gives you an amazing view of the road and the 1500 cc engine delivers amazing pep when you need it. Although I intended to purchase a base model, I couldn't resist the 16" alloys and other options I don't really need but enjoy, nonetheless. Overall, I surpassed my budget and spent over $20.000.00 which I would not do again. Also, the gas mileage is not what I had hoped for but I do get between 8.2 to 8.4 litres per 100 km. which is reasonable. There now seem to be many more options for this amount of coin. Regardless, I am impressed with this "little" car and enjoy the ride each time I get on the road. I have recommended it to friends who are shopping for a vehicle.