2013 Yaris hatchback

2013 Toyota Yaris
The 2013 Yaris is very different from my previous 2007. Thanks to improved air bag systems, the cup holders are no longer on the dash but down by the shifter. The car doesn't pivot in place quite the same, either, despite officially being the same length wheelbase; I do appreciate the extra room under the hatch, however, for carrying things. It's still great for running around town and going places with friends. Mileage works out to about 8 liters/100km which rises to 10 liters in icy weather. It's heavier than the 2007 which is why the mileage went down a bit. I swapped out the standard Bridgestone tires for Nokian WR-G2 all weather tires that handle ice and snow as well as summer on the Coquihalla and thus suit Vancouver weather perfectly. I don't have the 2007 any more because I loaned it to a friend and it sacrificed itself to save her on a dark and rainy night. It was totaled, but she walked away with minor bruises and some acid burns on her slacks from the battery's destruction. When I replaced the 2007, I checked out all the competitors and the Yaris was definitely the best in terms of good for the environment (the Fit's emissions were worse) and fun to drive with good quality finishing inside and out. It's been a year now and I'm still very happy with it. Definitely recommended as a great city car that will hold even Ikea bookcases and Christmas trees (in a wrapping) with the hatch closed, yet handles road trips fairly comfortably.