2010 Hyundai Accent
Date: July 19, 2011

I’ll be happy to review my 2010 Accent for you. I had been driving a 1993 Ford Festiva for 16 years……a car I loved but that had no power steering or seat belts, no radio or CD player and no air bags.

As I am now a senior, I was concerned about the lack of safety and, although my Festiva it was in great shape, the possibility of being able to ever purchase a new car.

The Accent was advertised at $9,999 for quite a while and I pondered ……..calculated and dreamed. At this point I should admit that I love a sub compact with manual transmission….must have been a race car driver in a past life. I finally went to the Auto Mall “just to look” (fatal words). It was the first car I saw and was exactly what I wanted. It was even available in bright red………..Yahoo!

There are so many little extra’s that I hadn’t figured on. Yes, I finally had power steering and a radio and CD player but also air bags, an adjustable steering wheel (wonderful for someone who is 5ft tall) AND an adjustable seat……I can go up or I can go down and this will make you laugh but the extra that thrilled me the most and which I didn’t discover for a week was the small hand hold to close the hatch after filling it. Silly but I was sooooo happy after standing on tiptoe to close my old hatch for 16 years.

After three weeks of careful calculations and sleepless nights this old lady is happy I bit the bullet. I’ll admit that it took a while to learn to handle the power steering (drove over a few curbs at first) and after a year I am comfortable with it although still need some practice with parallel parking. Gas consumption is meager, I cannot complain at all. Oh sure, I would have liked a sun roof and heated seats but one can’t have it all.

AND, to the Service manager at Open Road Hyundai in Richmond. Please stop sending me those “come in for your first 6,000 km checkup” messages, I AM the little old lady who only drives to the supermarket and the library, I’ll get that many km eventually ….I will call YOU when that happens.

Yours truly,

Wendy M. Beckett