My Dream Truck

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
I purchased my FJ Cruiser from my son in April 2011. I loved this truck from the first time I saw it. I finally had an opportunity to buy one when my son bought a toyota tundra. YES, we are a toyota family as my wife owns a corolla and loves it too! The FJ handles very well and gives a very smooth ride. My wife always says that she feels very safe in it. Although this is a 2007, all that this vehicle required is regular maintenance so it is very reliable. It also has a great sound system and offers comfortable seating even for long trips. The FJ also offer plenty of space and leg room for adult passenger sitting in the back seats. Nobody believes me when I tell them that my FJ is a 2007 as it is still in showroom condition. I always get complements and look when I take it out. If I had my choice I would buy an FJ Cruiser again, I have no regrets. LOVE IT!!!