Quietest Behemoth

2008 Lexus LX 570
Its a supremely relaxed cruiser, hardly making any noises, it is easily the quietest vehicles my family have ever driven. With barely noticeable wind and road sound, the suspension can be set pillowy-soft, with most bumps disappearing. Very impressive for a truck platform. The side-effect is an overly floaty feeling on uneven roads, and the lean in corners is as tipsy as a H1 Alpha. Switching to Sportier mode, the ride is noticeably firmer, crashing over speed bumps instead of gliding over them. Body roll is reduced, but we expected body roll to be as controlled as a Range Rover, given how firm the suspension became, but sudden movements only upset the LX rather easily, especially under braking. It doesn't help that the brake pedal lacks any sort of feedback and has to be pounded at high speeds. However, because of its grippy 20-inch alloys laden with 285/55 tires, brake and steering is more likeable. It may not deliver the intended handling that we were expecting at this price, but it does overwhelm in the luxury department, and a real contender in the large luxury SUV.