rain and shine

2010 Lexus IS 350C
Having been an IS owner before, and having a rag top in the family, i was excited when i saw the new IS350C. One test drive and I was sold! Living in the lower mainland, one knows of all the rain we get. The IS convertibles hard top is key. One would not know this is a convertible when they sit in it. The fit and finish, quality makes for excellent sound insulation, and i don't miss the pitter patter of the rain in a "rag top". When the sun shines, in 20 seconds, the roof is open and your enjoying the sunshine.

The ride is very comfortable,and the leather seats are butter soft, ive been in nothing comparable. Power is fantastic (300+hp), and responsive, and i totally love the 6 speed transmission with paddle shifters. the Mark Levenson premium sound rocks (a convertible needs a killer stereo, and this one is). Best of all, the whole family can enjoy this car as the back seats are very comfortable and
useable. The Lexus IS350c is the only car i have ever owned where i cant wait to wake up and drive again!