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Year Make Model
Year Make Model
MSRP: $65,200
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Annual Rate*Monthly Payment*Bi-weekly Payment*Annual Rate*Monthly Payment*Bi-weekly Payment*Annual Rate*Monthly Payment*Bi-weekly Payment*
24 Months2.90%$2,799$1,292------
36 Months2.90%$1,893$874------
48 Months2.90%$1,440$665------
60 Months2.90%$1,169$539------
72 Months5.99%$1,080$499------
84 Months5.99%$952$439------
24 Months3.90%$1,100$507------
36 Months3.90%$962$444------
45 Months3.90%$883$408------
Cash Incentive
No Cash Purchase offers at this time
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Offer Ends January 31st, 2018
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