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Think winter tires before it gets cold

Winter tires are a must-have in any climate where the temperature drops below 7 degree Celsius. With today’s advances in rubber technology, winter tires give you more grips as soon as the temperature drops below 7 degree, regardless of road conditions.

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More Winter Driving Tips


Winterize your vehicle with five cold weather prep tips
To avoid being stuck out in the cold on the side of the road, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the upcoming frigid conditions beforehand. We asked the experts to share their five top tips on getting your vehicle winter ready now.


Three tips for winter driving preparedness
There is a big misconception that winter tires are only meant for snow. In fact, when the temperature drops below 7 C, all-season tires start losing their grip levels dramatically with the rubber becoming rigid and brittle.



Five tips for driving safer in rain
Tune into any local radio traffic station after the first big rain of the season, and there will inevitably be reports of accidents all across the city. Avoid being a statistic by learning how to drive defensively in the wet.


No Hassle, Low Cost Tire Storage Solution

We offer no hassle, low cost tire storage. Store your seasonal tires in our secure & insured tire storage warehouse. Each tire is recorded, tagged and shipped to our warehouse facility.
When you wish to retrieve your tires from storage, you simply call our Service Department. Within 2 days, your tires will be ready for collection from us.

Contact us to find out about this convenient tire storage service.