All About Evs

All About EVs

March 12th 2021 | Lia Ortiz

If you’ve recently been in the market for a new vehicle, chances are you’ve thought of switching over to an electric vehicle (EV). You’re not alone. In a recent study conducted by KPMG, “Seven in 10 Canadians (68 per cent) who plan to buy a new vehicle within the next five years are likely to buy an EV.[1]

Prius Prime

Why have EV’s been so popular lately? The simple answer: lower costs! Gone are the days when EVs were an exclusive product for the luxury market. Now, most automotive brands are coming out with their own. Not only is it becoming more affordable to the general public, but the long-term costs are substantially less as well.

EVs use an electric motor that derive their energy from electricity rather than the traditional internal-combustion engines that generates energy from fuel and gasses. Most of the advantages simply come from the fact that less cost and energy is needed to run an EV.

Porsche Charging Station

To put it concretely, here some advantages to using an EV as your daily driver:

  1. Driving an EV daily can lower your carbon footprint. According to NRCan, driving an EV can reduce your carbon emissions by at least 80%.[2]
  2. You can save thousands of dollars a year on fuel costs.
  3. You can save precious time and money on maintenance for your vehicle. Since there is no fuel or gas, there would be no need for oil changes and other forms of maintenance you would do with a regular vehicle.
  4. When you purchase an EV, you are eligible to receive benefits from the government. In British Columbia, rebates are available for zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) for up to $8,000.[3]

With so many mainstream brands joining the electric bandwagon, it’s no wonder EVs have been popping up everywhere. Test drive one of our EVs and PHEVs (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) today and see for yourself:

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Lia Ortiz has been in the automotive industry for 4 years. Starting out as a public relations and events coordinator for Honda Philippines, she then moved to Vancouver and is currently working as a Digital Marketing Strategist for OpenRoad Auto Group. She specializes in SEO, SEM, and Social Media Advertising (with a little bit of writing on the side).

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