50 years of Jaguar

Celebrating five decades of Jaguar XJ

October 23rd 2018 | Benjamin Yong
Notable Jaguar XJ models from the last 50 years

A range of notable Jaguar XJ models throughout the last 50 years.



Happy birthday to you, Jaguar XJ! The flagship full-size sedan turns a half century old, the first one rolling off the assembly line back in 1968.

“The Jaguar XJ story is one of design, desirability and performance and over the past 50 years it has become a true giant in the automotive world and it’s only right that we pay homage to it in this special way. When I started at Jaguar, the XJ was already an icon of car design, so to have been part of this story that has been told over half a century has been an absolute privilege,” says Jaguar director of design Ian Callum.

Company founder Sir William Lyons chose the Paris Auto Show to debut his creation, a saloon car that was as beautiful to look at and exciting to drive as the E-Type. Here is more on some of the most notable iterations of the car over the last several decades.

1968 Series I: two straight-six powerplants were provided in the initial offering, a 2.8 and a 4.2 litre, the former producing 140 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque and the latter available with air conditioning.

1979 Series III: produced until 1992, one of its more notable highlights is possessing design influence from legendary Italian studio Pininfarina. The top trim level received a 5.3-litre V12 engine.

1994 X300: After moving towards more angular exterior aesthetics, the X300 returned to a more streamlined appearance with dual round headlights while under brand ownership by Ford Motor Company. Jaguar introduced supercharging in the XJR variant.

2003 XJ350: One of the early adopters of utilizing an all-aluminum body, the XJ350 featured other technological advancements such as front and rear self-leveling air suspension, standard dynamic stability control and Bluetooth.