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The Top 5 Off-Road Routes in BC You Can Take With Your OpenRoad Toyota Tundra

March 16th 2022 | Lia Ortiz

What better way to break in your brand new 2022 OpenRoad Toyota Tundra than by going off-road? Whether you are an experienced off-road driver or you just want to get your feet (or tires) wet, here are 5 of the best off-road routes in British Columbia that you can take your OpenRoad Toyota Tundra to:


1. Triangle Beach, Richmond

Triangle Beach

One of the more easily accessible off-road trails sits right on the edge of Richmond. Since it is so close to the city, enthusiasts will usually flock over here for an afternoon of driving over mud pits and sand dunes.


2. Cheakamus Lake, Squamish

Cheakamus Lake

If you want to take your family along for a little adventure, the Cheakamus Lake Trail in Squamish is the place to go. Off-roading, hiking, biking, and camping—you can make a whole long-weekend trip out of it. The trail features stunning outdoor views and is one of the more scenic areas for a drive.


3. Stacy Lake, Mission

Stacy Lake

Open year-round and located just east of Mission, you can take your OpenRoad Toyota Tundra all the way up for some amazing views. Stacy Lake is a popular path for beginner off-roaders who want to get a feel of driving a 4x4.


4. Grizzly Falls, East Harrison

Grizzly Falls

Follow this off-beat path in East Harrison and until you reach Grizzly Falls. This breathtaking waterfall is what greets you at the end of this trail. An informal campsite can be found nearby the falls and is the perfect spot to drive up to in the summer months for some off-roading and camping.


5. Chipmunk Creek, Chilliwack

Chipmunk Creek

Drive your OpenRoad Toyota Tundra through a forest and experience a mix of rocky trails with lush assortments of different trees and wildlife. There are views to take in from every corner such as the Chilliwack River and Chilliwack Lake, as well as beautiful waterfalls. Cameras are definitely mandatory on this ride.


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