How To: Reserve Your Car Online

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Reserving Your Vehicle Online at OpenRoad Auto Group

Are you looking to place a hold on a vehicle online before you arrive at a store? It's easy to do so with our Reserve Online feature, available on most vehicles across OpenRoad Auto Group!

Check out how to complete this easy process below.

1. Select 'Reserve Online' from Vehicle Page

From any vehicle page on our website, just click the Reserve Online button to kick start the online reservation process.

How To: Reserve Your Car Online

2. Enter Your Contact Information

Next, enter your personal contact information. Please note that a product advisor will reach out shortly after you complete the online reservation process to confirm your vehicle hold!

How To: Reserve Your Car Online

3. Enter Deposit Information

When you reserve a vehicle online, we instantly remove it from our inventory and start preparing it for your final inspection and delivery. The online deposit that we require is $500.

If we are unable to connect with you within 24 hours the vehicle will unfortunately be released from hold.

Your deposit is refundable when:

  • The vehicle you reserved online has just been sold. Our online system updates periodically throughout the day to check current availability status.
  • We are not able to connect with you after you made your online deposit.
  • In your final vehicle inspection, the vehicle is not exactly what you expected.
  • You are not able to fund the balance payment on the vehicle.
How To: Reserve Your Car Online

And that's all! Now your dream vehicle will begin to be prepared at the store, and a product advisor will reach out to you shortly to confirm your hold!

*Select dealerships may not yet be participating in online reservations at this moment.