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Road-Tripping This Winter?


Did you know that winter tires stop faster than all season tires?

Winter driving is finally here. Don't keep driving on your all season tires now that winter conditions have arrived. Winter tires are made with a softer rubber compound, meaning they will work better for your vehicle. Don't forget to change all of them for your safety.

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It's important to swap your tires when the seasons change in BC.

Each type of seasonal tire is engineered with different rubber compounds for specific temperature ranges. Your winter tires are not made for warm and dry pavement, and your vehicle's handling won't be at its best without proper warm-weather tires. There is around 15 percent less steering precision when using winter tires during warmer temperatures.



Braking distance is impacted by your tire type

Winter tires have more tread blocks than summer tires, which can decrease stopping distance significantly when used on cold or wet pavement. Switching to winter tires can also help you keep control of your vehicle. Contact us for more details.

Tires at OpenRoad Hyundai Richmond

Winter Tires Available!

Tire Storage at Openroad Hyundai Richmond

No Hassle, Low Cost Tire Storage Solution

We offer no hassle, low cost tire storage. Store your seasonal tires in our secure & insured tire storage warehouse. Each tire is recorded, tagged and shipped to our warehouse facility.

When you wish to retrieve your tires from storage, you simply call our Service Department. Within 2 days, your tires will be ready for collection from us.

Contact us to find out about this convenient tire storage service.

We carry a wide range of Canada's best-selling tire brands and more!

Tire Store & Storage - OpenRoad Hyundai Richmond

Note: Not all tire brands located at dealership. Please contact us for details.

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