Toyota Hybrid Vehicles at OpenRoad Toyota Abbotsford

Toyota Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrids at OpenRoad Toyota Abbotsford

Cleaner. Efficient. Powerful.

Environmentally friendly. Fuel efficient to the last drop. And designed with power and performance in mind. Toyota's latest generation hybrid vehicles offer the most desirable features of both a gasoline engine and an electric motor system. They don't just raise the bar? they carry it to heights few thought possible. The ever-expanding Toyota hybrid fleet: allowing us all to breathe more easily.


How Hybrids Work 

How Hybrids Work at OpenRoad Toyota Abbotsford

Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive is a full hybrid because it can operate in three distinct modes-gas only, electric motor only, or a combination of the two. It doesn't have to be plugged in-ever.


Benefits of the Toyota Hybrid Technology

Lowered Emissions
For Toyota's hybrids, outstanding driving performance and increased fuel savings just aren't enough. They also aim to be environmentally friendly and clean vehicles with ultra-low emissions that meet and surpass the most rigorous and demanding standards. With not only fewer emissions, but cleaner as well. In fact, Hybrid Synergy Drive vehicles produce 70% fewer smog-forming emissions than a typical conventionally powered new vehicle. As well, Toyota hybrid vehicles don't allow the release of "evaporative emissions," gas vapour that normally escapes from the tank and fuel lines into the air. While some diesels may achieve high fuel efficiency, it is estimated that even the best diesels produce more than 17 times the amount of smog-forming emissions than do vehicles with the Hybrid Synergy Drive. No wonder Toyota's hybrids are known far and wide as good friends of the earth.

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Fuel Efficient Hybrids at OpenRoad Toyota Abbotsford

Fuel Efficiency
Even if Toyota's hybrids offered no other benefits, fuel efficiency alone would place them at the head of the pack. By seamlessly combining both gas and electric power, the hybrid system can take full advantage of the synergies between the two thus complementing each power source. In effect, Toyota's hybrids offer the best of all possible worlds for economy and energy efficiency. Other powertrains fritter away energy at stoplights, during braking and whenever the engine isn't running at optimum speed; the Hybrid Synergy Drive actually stores that energy in the battery to be used when needed.

Driving Performance
They said it couldn't be done: a car that was fun to drive, energetic and full of zip while boasting unsurpassed fuel efficiency at the same time. Perhaps that might be true using a conventional approach where output and torque are jacked up by increasing engine displacement, resulting in better performance but lower fuel efficiency. But "they" didn't count on Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive. Thanks to the hybrid system's power split device, which automatically determines the right configuration of gas engine-electric motor power distribution, there no longer needs to be a trade-off between fuel efficiency and power. And the latest version of the system features:

  • Increased drive power through a higher output motor
  • More efficient electric power from a high rpm generator, a high input/output performance battery and a high-voltage electrical system, and
  • Better energy optimization management, torque-on-demand control and regenerative-brake control.
Hybrid Interior at OpenRoad Abbotsford Toyota

Future of Hybrids

Hybrids at OpenRoad Toyota Abbotsford

Hybrids are here to stay with the technology being integrated into more and more of the Toyota line up. At present, that includes the Prius, Camry Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid.