Our annual Club OpenRoad Winter Driving Clinic is back just in time to get you and your driving skills winter-ready!

On Saturday, November 18th & Sunday, November 19th, Club OpenRoad is partnering with professional driving instructors to bring you an exclusive winter driving clinic at the BC Driving Center in Pitt Meadows.


Event Overview

This exclusive Club OpenRoad Driving Clinic will take place on your choice of Saturday, November 18th or Sunday, November 19th. The professional driving instructors will help you refine the skills necessary to drive safely through the winter. The three-hour, hands-on session features slalom exercises and skid pads to teach you oversteering and understeering in your own vehicle.



Winter Driving Workshop - Part One

Our professional drivers will guide you through a series of best practices to help prepare you for Vancouver’s winter conditions. The in-classroom session will review driving tips including proper seating position, hand position, breaking techniques, and other winter safety items.


Winter Trial - Part Two

Experience your vehicle dynamics as you are guided through a specially-curated slalom course that will allow you to practice your winter driving and showcase how your vehicle will react in winter-like conditions. You will also have the opportunity to experience two unique exercises to teach you safe braking and technical driving skills in your own vehicle.


The Spin Out - Part Three

Ever wonder what it would feel like to experience a spin out? This section of the event will provide you with the opportunity to experience understeer and oversteer in the OpenRoad fleet of cars. Being able to safely practice and react to understeer and oversteer situations will allow you to gain control of your vehicle and become a more confident driver. The thrill of this session will truly get your heart racing!


skid avoidance and control

bad weather braking techniques

accident avoidance

traction control



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have winter tires on my car for the event?
We do recommend having winter tires on your vehicle for these exercises and this time of year, though they are not mandatory. We can help you get winter tires prior to the event HERE.
Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Yes, all drivers must hold a valid driver's license and be at least 18 years of age to drive. Please email us at events@openroadautogroup.com if you have further questions.
Can I use my Club OpenRoad Points towards the registration fee?
Sorry no. For this event. your Club OpenRoad points cannot be redeemed towards the registration fee.
Can I register for your event even with an "N" driver's license?
Yes, you can, as long as it's a valid license. This is a good opportunity to learn evasive maneuvers in a safe environment under professional guidance.
What personal vehicle can I bring into the event?
Almost anything! We want you to learn to be a better driver in the vehicle you drive most often, whether it's a supercar, a minivan, and SUV, or a convertible. All vehicles must have valid insurance to be admitted onto our track. Also, please secure down or remove any loose items in your vehicle to prevent them from flying around in the cabin during our exercises.
Can my registered guest/spectator drive?
Sorry, registered guests/spectators can ride along with their registered drivers, but cannot participate in any driving on the track. Guests/spectator registration does include access to the snacks and refreshments as well.
Can two drivers share one vehicle during the same time slot?
Unfortunately no. In order to maximize the amount of instruction time and the number of runs in each section that everyone will get, our program cannot accomodate driver changes mid-section. If there are two of you who wish to drive but only have one car, we recommend that you register for individually for two back-to-back time slots.
Can I invite my friend/family member who is not a Club OpenRoad member?
Yes, you can. He/she will have to register separately as a driver and bring his/her own vehicle, unless he/she wants to just be a passenger in your vehicle. You can certainly register for the same time slot if you wish to arrive to our event together. Please send this link to your friend/family member so that he/she can register for a FREE Club OpenRoad membership. That way, invites to future members-only events can also be extended: https://clubopenroad.ca/openroad/enroll.asp
Which sections will I be using my personal vehicle, and which sections will I be using OpenRoad-supplied vehicles?
We want you to get accustomed to how your own vehicle feels in emergency situations as this will teach you to be a safer driver in real life conditions. Our program is designed for you to use your own vehicle during the Collision Avoidance Course, Vision, and Emergency Braking exercises. After those sections ahve been completed, there will be a variety of more than 15 OpenRoad-supplied vehicles for you to experience during our Dynamic Driving / AutoCross fun section of the day at the end of your session.
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Please email us at events@openroadautogroup.com if you have any more questions not answered here.
Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No, your mobile ticket is just fine! Just show it to us at registration.