OpenRoad Leasing


OpenRoad Leasing

Fear of commitment? Getting a new vehicle doesn't have to be intimidating. Now, there's a more flexible way to get into your next car, without the long-term commitments.

OpenRoad Leasing is our one-stop solution to vehicle leasing.

Our program allows for both new and used vehicles newer than 2018 to be eligible for our exclusive leasing program.

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{{Why Lease Your Next Vehicle}}

{{There are many benefits to leasing your next vehicle. Some of these reasons include lower monthly payments, greater flexibility in car ownership, and being business expense deductible.}}


{{Commercial Leasing}}

{{Free up cash flow by leasing your commercial fleet, and invest your capital where it’s needed the most. Spend less time on fleet management, and more time growing your business and your customer base.}}


{{Lease a Luxury or Exotic Vehicle}}

{{Peace of mind comes standard with our pre-owned luxury vehicles. Our pre-owned vehicles are backed by one of the best used car warranties in Metro Vancouver, and we offer amongst the widest selection of luxury pre-owned exotic vehicles.}}


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