Pre-Order Your Next OpenRoad Vehicle

An OpenRoad sales person assists a customer on customizing a new vehicle

[[[ [[[Pre-order]]] Your Next OpenRoad Vehicle]]]

Build to order. Customize your car.

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Secure your next vehicle by pre-ordering from OpenRoad. New vehicle inventories have been significantly impacted by global supply chain disruptions and shipment delays. Pre-order your vehicle with OpenRoad now to ensure you get access to a vehicle when you need it, exactly the way you want it.

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Discover All the Reasons to Pre-Order Your Vehicle

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Benefits of Pre-Ordering Your Next Vehicle

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Customize your car rather than select from limited inventory

Pay only for the features and options you need and want

Reduced wait times by being in line with a pre-order

No need to shop multiple locations to find the car you want

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Why Pre-Order From OpenRoad

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Cars line up in the parking lot


We can source more units as one of the largest-volume dealer groups in Canada.

See Your Options

Club OpenRoad


Every OpenRoad customer receives the complimentary benefits of Club OpenRoad, our very own loyalty rewards program.

More About Club OpenRoad

OpenRoad Leasing


Some brands may see vehicle wait times over 12 months. We have other mobility options, such as our in-house pre-owned leasing solution, to keep you on the road while you wait.

Check Out OpenRoad Leasing

[[[Start Building Now]]]

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A sales advisor at an OpenRoad dealership assists a customer

5 Easy Steps to Pre-Order Your Vehicle

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  1. [[[[VISIT]]]]
    Visit your OpenRoad location of choice in-person, or view our inventory online to see if we have the exact vehicle you want in stock.
  2. [[[[REVIEW]]]]
    Don’t see the vehicle you want? Contact one of our Product Advisors to review your lifestyle needs and budget.
  3. [[[[SELECT]]]]
    Based on your requirements, our team can provide you with model and trim package recommendations.
  4. [[[[RESERVE]]]]
    Once you have decided on the vehicle options, we enter your pre-order into our manufacturer portal with a small deposit* to complete the reservation.
  5. [[[[RELAX]]]]
    Our team provides you with regular updates as your vehicle moves through production. Sit back and relax, knowing your vehicle is secured and on its way.

[[[Get Started]]]

[[((*If you decide to cancel your pre-order after it has been submitted, your deposit may or may not be refundable. Please inquire with the individual OpenRoad location.))]]

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Your New Vehicle is Waiting

[[[((Get started today to build your next vehicle, exactly as you want it.))]]]

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